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 Skerray Estate includes 11 townships, two offshore islands, Island Neave, close to Skerray harbour and Island Roan, a mile from the harbour. Skerray is a small crofting community on the north coast of Sutherland, located on a rocky promontory between Tongue in the west and Bettyhill to the east. 

On the NC500 Skerray has a lot to offer to its visitors.

Torrisdale beach, for serfing, body boarding or if you like just a walk to visit the reare microworld of plants or historic ruins.

The Islands, an amazing sample of geology, history wild life and beautifull caves to hide if it rains (we are in scotland after all).

The harbour, perfect place to begin a kayak, scuba diving or boat adventure. Make sure you have check the tides before hand.

These are just some ideas of what to visit here lots of little or bigger walks and fishing are also availiable.


  You can find us just 4 miles(Tongue side not Borgie) out of Skerray village, in Strathan Valley (Not Strathan Beg).

Turn left or right (depending from which end of the Skerray road you are comming)  and right after the cattle grid down the drive. Drive carefuly when driving down the track, leave your car at the top if not sure about it. There is plenty of parking. 

It is better if you phone first at 01641521805 to avoid desapointment. With our 2 year old daughter I never know when we will be at home (afternoons are probably better since all Toddler groups rum in the morning)

You are very welcome to pop in if you are passing for a cup of tea.  



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