Making a commission is making memories. I love working with people that are looking to create something the next generation will keep as an amulet. Sharing ideas and drawings to create a unique piece of jewellery for someone special in your life, something you always wanted but never happened to find, or to mark a memory. When you are considering a commission, please allow plenty of time for designing, stone setting, posting e.t.c.


Old rings that don't fit any more, broken pieces, or alterations all fall into this category. If you have an enquiry about a repair, please send me an email at [email protected] with a bit of the story and some pictures, so we can start the discussion as to how we can move forward. Sometimes, we have been left old jewellery, and while we want to keep them, they are not our style. Parhaps you have some ideas as to what you might want to do with your ailrlooms, turn them into something new by creating other jewellery or melt them and make a new piece from the metal, just send me some details and we can have a phone consultation or book an appointment for a one to one chat over tea and biscuits.

Cut rind due to broken finger