Jewellery made with fly fishing materials, wholesale, sustainable paulonia wooden gift boxes, NC500

Trade catalogue


                    Stand fill

              6 x Short earrings         6 x £12.00                
             4 x Long earrings            4 x £16.00
             3 x Brooch no antler     3 x £17.00

             6 x Short earrings 6 x £12.00 
            4 x Long earrings 4 x £16.00
            3 x Brooch no antler 3 x £17.00

                               Total £374.00

You can choose to include (add or replace) one or more of the pieces of the price range below to your order. These are more suitable to shops that are in popular fly fishing areas and/or have visitors with higher budget.

Brooch with antler £37.00 (there are usually at least 3 different designs)

For any aditional information and/or different stock packages that would suit your business better, please contact me at [email protected]. I try to create a different program combination to suit any business. As a small business I want to understand your needs and always looking for solutions and new ideas!