...fine Scottish jewellery


I started this journey on 2000 by choosing to work with my hands, therefore instead of choosing an academic university, I chose the Handmade Silversmithing College in Athens where I lived and studied.

In addition to my studies, I worked with an Armenian goldsmith, who taught me the craft of classic jewellery making.

After my college I studied with the Gemological Association of Great Britain, where I learned about and became fascinated with, how the conditions deep in the earth, lead to the very bespoke and unique result of inclusions and colours of gemstones.

While I was attending electroplating seminars, I was introduced to the variety of colours, which can be achieved using copper or brass, by imitating the alchemy of nature. 
 At the Art Center in Athens that I tought I had the chance to share my knowledge with adult students for five years. I learned how the knowledge of one craft can be translated through the creativity of different minds to produce beautiful pieces. That is what happened when I decided to experiment with fly tying materials. 
I now live and work on the north coast of  Sutherland, in the Scottish Highlands, in Skerray.