Jewellery inspired from Salmon flies

Meet the maker

When I first came to Scotland , from Greece, at the summer of 2008, the first job I actually did was fish vaccination! Through that job, I travelled in all the remote locationsthat fish farms are located and bacame facinated with Scotland.

During those years I met lot of people from different countries. One of them was a big, loud Polish angler. With 10 years of experience as a silversmith at the time and looking to do something creative during the weekend, he tought me how to tye fishing flies.He sared his love for fishing but what I loved was the feathers, the colours, the textures.

I couldn't wait to have a space of my own to start making jewellery in Scotland. A few years later I met my partner in life and moved to the scottish Highlands with him.

Konstantina Pateraki tying salmon fly jewellery