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   Konstantina Jewellery was born when Konstantina Pateraki, the owner of the business, designer and maker moved permenantly with her partner in Skerray, at the North coast of the Scottish Highlands. Working from a half finished spare room and witht the support of her family tried to understand the market and how businesses work in Scotland by taking semonars with HIE about accounting, marketing, branding and website development. Also she got awarded a bursary to work with Emergents for a year were she had a learning trip to Edinbourgh and the opportunity to meet and learn from leading makers, photographers, galleries and other stockists the importance of knowing who you are and why are you interested to be part of this market and social circle.

''The market and the branding needs vary for the different countries. I found that I was needing quite a bit of work just to understand how things work here''

 DOrange nymph antler brooch_edited_edited


Seven years later, after a lot of market research,  she works from her new workshop at the same location.

After growing her family to +1, three years ago she now chooses to combine her favourite precius metal, sterling silver with feathers and antler to create lighweight jewellery for most ages and both genders to celebrate what she finds more important in life, appreciating little everyday moments because they are the ones that make our life. Not tomorrow. Today.



Konstantina has studies traditional silversmithing at the first colleage that opened in Athens at 2001. In Greece there has been a bigg tradition on Goldsmithing from an older time(which time? ) and it is not part of the fine arts university. History link to greek silversmithing(?) 




Konstantina, jewellery that makes you smile...

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